A psychopath's fantasy of a deli hold-up is terminated when he is confronted by the impending reality of the situation.

written, edited, & directed by Evan Kelman

Created as part of Laszlo Santha's Sight & Sound class.
Original assignment was to use a voice over, but I included music and other sound elements as well.


1. Evan, why the French VO?
Sort of just wanted to try it, really. Etienne De Crecy is the French artist who produced the song I've borrowed, and the song is entitled, "France", so I sort of felt this French connection emerging. Also there was this idea throughout the whole thing of this perversion of the American dream - in the colors of the shirt, the glasses, the actions, etc. So the French aspect is sort of this confused foreign appreciation of perceived American ideals - violence, sex, etc.

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