Long Island Coastal Chair Company (LICCC) is a small company based in Oceanside, NY.

We design and build our own coastal chairs. We have often heard people say that things are not made the way they used to be. LICCC wants to change that, and strives to produce beautiful, well-made coastal chairs exclusively using materials from the United States.

LICCC owes its existence to a cheap, foreign made aluminum beach chair. My family and I were relaxing at the beach in Lido Beach, New York. The only problem? The chair I was sitting in. It was possibly the worst chair I’ve ever sat in, yet I found myself sitting in it weekend after weekend. My frustration led me to the conclusion that I could build a chair that would be better looking, more comfortable, and would last. And I could do it using only American made materials.

At the close of the summer of 2011, my brother and I began working on a prototype for my new chair. In my basement woodshop, we brainstormed and spent hours thinking of ways to improve a traditional beach chair. We agreed on a big, comfortable chair and our flag ship chair was born— The King Cabana chair. After more sketches and brainstorming, we developed one other models and hope to expand our fleet of chairs in the future!

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