⚠ WARNING! The following video contains flashing images ⚠

Art Direction & Interaction Design: Eduard Piel
Choreography & Dance: Natasha Mould
Music: Tom Varney

The dance aims to express variety and complexity of human perception. The informational sensory input of a human body is limited; sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste travel in at different speeds and different wavelengths, the brain supposedly operating at an average of 40Hz has to sync this input data and consequently large amounts of information gets lost. Our model of reality is an edited down, strictly internal, low-dimensional representation of a much richer external physical reality that surrounds and sustains us. Much of the perceived information isn’t consciously noted, thus Jamais Vu is a metaphor for not remembering already acquired knowledge.

If one could become aware of this information-sorting process, as Thomas Metzinger says, he may become flooded with interacting patterns, alternative representations and intensely competing associations invading perception of reality. This short film is an artistic representation what such experiences may look like.


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