Teaser of my first feature length experimental video (66min.).
Genre Hybrid, mix between a cheap tv travel show, a psychological thriller, a ghost movie and an art video.
AWARD: Bronze Remi Award in the Experimental/Dogma Section of the 43rd Worldfest Houston (US)

SYNOPSIS: A TV travel show from Belgium on the culture and history of Jordan quickly shifts into a psychological thriller in which the TV host faces her own monstrous fears. The fairy-tale landscapes of Jordan become more and more grim in the eyes of it's schizophrenic guide who is haunted by the voice of the Edimmu, embittered “undead”, known to use the fears of its victims against themselves
The story serves as a sort of metaphor for the troublesome times in Near/Middle East and the mutual mistrust between the East and the West.

Copyright FatalimageFatale vzw, 2009

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