Unwieldy Beast tells the story of Gary Frank Skaggs and his unique piano, which happens to be set atop a three-wheeled bicycle. St. Frankenstein, as it is so aptly named, is a rare combination of bicycle wheels and piano strings and was literally resurrected by Skaggs and given a new life as an unwieldy beast roaming through San Francisco. The film features all original music from Skaggs, as he pedals ever so slowly, in and out of tune, through the streets of San Francisco.

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Gary Frank Skaggs as Himself
Director\DP\Editor: Brandon Loper
Original Music: Gary Frank Skaggs
Illustrations: Michelle Ott
Title Design: Amanda Loper
Audio Mix: Nic Demateo
Production Assistants: Ronnie Silva, Trent Thompson, Haley Cornell

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