The goal is to create a feature length documentary that unearths the roots of medicine as practiced by our ancestors and honors the integrity within alternative and holistic medicine, while bringing to clarity the dangers of some conventional methods.

Are there less invasive, less costly, less toxic and more effective ways to heal ourselves that we aren't being told about? If there are, we have a right to know about them.

Fundamentally, I want to offer a fair chance for all the healing modalities to have their voices heard so that you can independently decide on who to trust and what sort of healing might work for you.

This film will serve as a vital resource of important health-related information and personal experiences typically unseen by the general public. I hope to help create individual, communal and cultural transformation on a global scale. We are shifting as a society into one that celebrates an integrative approach to life and an openness to the wisdom of one another. An empowered, balanced and enlightened world, which can be liberated from all forms of dis-ease, is coming within reach.

Please support this project and it's goal to help spread this information worldwide.

Visit to learn more and make a donation.

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