I worked directly with ASDA, a large supermarket based in England and owned by Walmart, on a video for their store managers conference in September 2012. The conference, called the 'Golden Quarter' is held around September / October each year and is for the store managers around the UK to come together and hear about all the products coming out in the lead up in to Christmas. The video I was making was for the entertainment department and was focused on the top CD's, DVD's, books and computer games being released.

I was given the X-Factor UK TV intro as inspiration for the video because they liked the idea of flying around in space between all the different products. I was sent a long list of the upcoming releases and was given access to FTP sites & download spaces online to download various images, logos, clips and graphics for the products. As there were so many products to show, they decided to have the majority of the products on screen for about 5 seconds, but the top 4 highest projected sellers in each category needed to be on screen for longer, around 10 seconds.

I created a pre-comp within After Effects for each product, and used the footage, graphics, logos & images to make each one look the best it could. Some products had very few assets available while others had many, so that was a real determining factor in designing each product pre-comp, but I tried to use as many assets as possible to make each product pre-comp as exciting as I could. I also added interest with various golden colored borders (which were in line with their 'Golden Quarter' branding) and 'frames' with which to show the video through or display the images. Where there was video to display from a movie, tv show, a promo, trailer or music video, I also edited them down so that the best 5 or 10 seconds would be displayed in the time the pre-comp was on screen. Once all the product pre-comps were complete, I started on September which was the first month in their run up to Christmas. I selected the products that were released in that month and then brought them all in to my 'September' composition. I dispersed all the pre-comps in Z-space, changing their rotation too so there would be interesting camera movement between the products, but I also tried to keep the pre-comps all fairly close to each other so the camera wouldn't have to do any ridiculous moves. This stage took some time but was important to get right. I then animated the camera moves between the pre-comps, making sure that each pre-comp started just as the camera arrived on it and also fading any sound from trailers / music videos etc. in and out as the camera arrived and then left the pre-comp. Once I had finished that, I designed an intro for the month. This needed some graphical element which would display the month and then they just wanted the movie / tv / album / book covers to scroll across the screen, giving an overview of the releases that month before moving in to all the animation. Once September was complete, I repeated this process for each month until I had September - December built up.

I exported the video for each month and brought them all in to Final Cut Pro. I placed all the month sections together (I had designed the beginning and end of each composition so they could be edited together very simply) and then added the music tracks. We used 2 tracks which were requested by the client, and I just faded it in and out depending on which products were on screen at the time and whether they had their own music or not.

The final video ended up being just under 9 minutes, and took a long time to complete. When I sent it to my contact at ASDA for review, they were very pleased and had very minimal changes which is always a good sign! The video was shown on a loop at the conference and was a real success!

Motion Graphics created in Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Video edited in Final Cut Pro 7

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