On April 3rd, 2013, WNYMuslims along with volunteers from all faiths took part in an outreach event called 'Roses of the Prophet'.

500 multicolored roses were distributed at multiple locations throughout Buffalo, NY, including two hospitals, downtown Buffalo, and the University at Buffalo campus, in honor of the love and mercy of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Attached to each rose was a card displaying one of three Hadith (sayings) from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH);

1) "God does not look at your appearance of your possessions, but He looks at your heart and your deeds." - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

2) "Forgive him who wrongs you, re-unite with him who cuts you off, do good to him who does you harm, and speak the truth although it may be to your disadvantage." -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

3) "All God's creatures are His family and he is most beloved of God who does most good to God's creatures." -Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This initiative has been showcased throughout the world in Canada, the UK, Norway, and now the United States. This gesture is a peaceful and subtle attempt to help change how Muslims are viewed, since they are often misrepresented in mainstream media. WNYMuslims aims to discourage such misrepresentation by hosting events such as this one, and encouraging Muslims to become actively engaged in the media.
It is WNYMuslims' mission to help spread awareness, encourage diversity, and educate about the true nature of Islam both within and beyond the local community through the use of media. Now more than ever it is vital for the community to come together in an effort to discourage discrimination, stereotypes, and hateful crimes.

A big thank-you to all the volunteers, sponsors, students, staff, family, and community members that helped us! You all made this event a success!

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