Film by Peperos Production
Date : 17 April 2013
Location : Annie's Culture , JB
Cinematographer : Duadualiat , Orange , SkyJost , Dennis

在求婚前一晚我们突然接到一通电话,就是Dennis打来的.Dennis告诉我们说他隔一天就要向他女朋友Shi Min求婚,希望可以找我们拍摄下来.其实当时我们都吓到了,因为太Last minute告诉我们这份计划,因为他说他也其实也没有想到过要拍下整个求婚过程,但是他的妹妹Grace就问为什么不拍下来,这是一个很好的回忆,并且也推荐了我们参与.
因为太last minute的关系,我们隔天早上就必须去到Annie's Culture了解环境并讨论整个求婚的行程.整个安排都没有什么太大的问题,而最大的问题也就是等着Shi Min说"她愿意"而已哈哈.
当我们把所有Camera藏好时,整个求婚都会以偷拍的方式在神不知鬼不觉地给Shi Min一个很大的惊喜,而显然最后我们也都成功了!:)

Just the day night before the proposal we received a call from Dennis,saying that he wish we could help to film the whole process of the proposal . To be really honest , we were all taken aback as it is not common to receive such a last minute call . So we later found out that groom only got this idea of filming down from his sister Grace , whom also recommended us for this project , and Dennis thought , why not?
As everything was informed last minute , we had to be down at Annie's Culture the very next morning to survey the area as well as further discuss the whole procedure . The process was smooth , and all we were left to worry was Shi Min's" I DO" ! Haha
We had hidden all the cameras , in order to give Shi Min a big surprise . As expected , it was a great Success ! :)
Hope all of you love this video and enjoy :)

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