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Hi. This is a quick video looking at extendable clothesline options currently available. If you go to our website, under this Retractable tab here, you will find all the extendable clotheslines, or retractable clothesline models, currently available in Australia. Obviously, some of the bigger ones and most popular ones would be the Austral Retractaway 40.

It has 5 lines and its standard model goes up to 8 meters in length. They also have an extended-length model, which goes out to 10 meters, which is a really long way. You get a huge amount of drying space on that, and again, it's a quality Australian-made extendable clothesline.

Hills making a range of different retractable products, and they can extend out. Most of the time, Hills products extend to about 6 to 6½ meters. The thing to keep in mind with Hills products is that they need a minimum extension of 4 meters, so you have to go out at least 4 meters to make sure that they're going to lock-in and work properly as they're designed to work.

From the budget end of town for Hills, you'll be looking at the Everyday Retractaway 5. Again, it's 5-line extendable unit from Hills. The premium Hills extendable clothesline options would be the Extenda 6 and Extenda 4. Similar units, but basically, one has 6 lines, one has 4 lines, and again, you need to be in that realm of distance of 4 meters to 6½ meters for extension.

We've got a small Stewi line retractable clothesline. That one comes in, really, more for indoor-style solutions, and doesn't extend out very far, but for the right person and the right solution, you might find that really handy.

If you're just looking for a single line-type unit of extendable clothesline, the Hills Cordomatic Retractable would be the one. That one can go out to 15 meters, and it just has a single line, so you basically extend that out, lock it in one end, and lock it off back at the unit, and you're good to go.

If you're looking for an extendable clothesline available in Australia, visit There, you can see all the products, help videos, lots of dimensions on the products. You can also order online 24 hours a day, and we get really fast delivery to most of the places around the country.

If you need customer support or you got any questions about what would be the best extendable clothesline for you, just feel free to give us a call for 1300 798 779, and one of our customer support staff will be able to give you a hand. Clotheslines is all we do, so feel free to give us a call and talk to an expert today about what would be the best solution for your needs and for your home.

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