Documentation of "M.o.M. (Mammalia ohne Mütter): ein Pflegeprogramm" ("M.o.M. (Mammals Without Mothers): a Care Program") by the artist Janet Grau. "M.o.M." was a 4-day performance and installation at the Städtisches Museum in Zwickau (Germany) for the 2001 exhibition "Wer hat Angst vor Roger Whittaker?" ("Who's Afraid of Roger Whittaker?") by Freunde Aktueller Kunst e.V.

Translation of opening text:
"An artistic maternal instinct finally rushes to the aid of mammals without mothers. When you're dead and stuffed, you simply cannot groom yourself properly anymore. But those who have successfully completed the M.o.M. Care Program may dare to venture back into the museum. All who've been to M.o.M. can take new pride in their names."

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© janet grau 2001

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