Kinetype work.

Animation: Eleanor Bell
Music: Renaud Hallee – Sonar - 2009

Politecnico di Milano
Facoltà del Design
Laurea magistrale in Design della comunicazione
Corso di Artefatti Comunicativi e Sistemi Complessi
Prof. Dina Riccò e G. Balzerano
A.A 2012/2013

The video has been realized by kinetic typography use, on a visual poetry (Writings - 1977 - John Cage).
John Cage’s typographical suggestions and the studies on the repetitiveness of the music, led me to imagine the Silence Theory (the silence is pure sound) applied to Typography.
As well as notes combine together to create a sound, punctuation marks are combined with letters to create a text phonetically correct, and as we are inevitably surrounded by sounds, we are surrounded by lettering.

Punctuation is essential for the harmony of our writing, marks our style, determines and defines it.
Punctuation is significant for its ability to combine with the words, anticipating it or accompanying it.
As a subject of animation I choose to use the POINT, punctuation element for excellence by which, for an instant or forever, it stops the narrative.

The video consists of three phases:
1) The point is seen as the element that puts an end to the words (silence is intended in its common definition).
It moves in a typographical world in which the letters do it jump, holding out an "ambush" that aim to remove it, or look it curiously and intimidated (the point, in thypography, is an end, so for letters it is a kind of threat).

2) The poem breaks into the scene dropping the point: the elimination of the sign, in favor of the phonetic words birth, represents the new silence's conception and the death of the old.

3) Il punto rinasce assieme ad atri due punti a simboleggiare la rivoluzione operata da Cage: il silenzio è suono ed è costantemente presente (i tre punti di sospensione rappresentano un continuum temporale).

Points make crashing the visual poetry to symbolize the breaking, operated by John Cage, with traditional music and the next renewal put in motion by the composer.

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