Design Research Question: "How to articulate my abstract artwork into architectural space"

This piece of design research is a three-dimensional animation where I took the three-dimensional model of The Dome and put it inside a computerised three-dimensional version of The Cube. I rendered The Dome as a mirror therefore mirroring the surround painting/The Cube. I then animated a fly-through to move around and fly into The Dome; exploring it, taking the viewer on an ‘experience’. Really getting inside the complexity of the painting and the artwork. Really engaging the viewer in the experience, captivating them and leaving them in a state of awe and mind-expansion.

This piece of work showed all signs of the original artwork’s essence and therefore the criteria to which would state its success: ‘surreality, the abstract, intensity and complexity’, were all happening simultaneously.

Note: This animation is best seen on a 'loop'. - (my original abstract artwork) - (my architectural and urban design projects)

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