An attractive young couple's open relationship stretches to the breaking point when they find themselves falling in love with their respective flings.

"Fling" (internationally titled "Lie to Me") is the award-winning debut feature from writer/director John Stewart Muller. It was co-written and produced by Laura Boersma, Muller's partner at Santa Monica-based Granfalloon Productions.

It stars Brandon Routh ("Superman Returns", "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World", "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night"), Steve Sandvoss ("Rumor Has It", "Latter Days"), Nick Wechsler ("Revenge", "Roswell"), Shoshana Bush ("Dance Flick"), Courtney Ford ("Parenthood", "Dexter", "The Vampire Diaries") and Ellen Hollman ("Spartacus", "Skateland", "Weeds").

"Fling" is available worldwide on Netflix Instant, VOD, DVD, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and more.
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