This is my final Sound Design project at Vancouver Film School. I designed all components of the soundscape, including the original score and the music track. The original 5.1 mix is available for download upon request.

Video provided by Valve.

Voice Acting:
Sean Depner (Scout)
Gísli Torfason (Heavy)
Ronald Selmour (Demoman)
Kevin White (Spy)
Jim Sampson (Sniper)
Nick Wolfhard (Pyro)

Mr Happy music track credits:

Vocals by Jon Fish.
Sax by Mael Thébault.
Bass Guitar by Alessio Mellina.
Acoustic Guitar by Jamie Bell.
Electric Guitar by Adam Hyjek.
Percussion by Beatrix Moersch.

Track available for download at:

Randal Duplantis: Foley Recordist
Jamie Bell: Foley Recordist, Walla
Beatrix Moersch: Foley Recordist

Mattia Cellotto: Foley Artist, ADR Recordist, Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

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