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(214) 755-7526 Dallas
(702) 426-2539 Las Vegas
(405) 858-2263 OKC
(918) 743-2263 Tulsa

M.I.C. is your #1 cover band in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and surrounding cities! They play a collection of Pop, Rock, R&B & Rap songs that is great for any event.

The membership of M.I.C. - having originally worked together for the first time as the final line-up of the "Jet Set Kings" - quickly realized their unique chemistry & ability to deliver a typical cover-band setlist with much needed individuality.

Through various professional disagreements and a significant share of tough choices, these business savvy musician's emerged in late 2012 with a new identity and a in-house production company to support their many musical endeavors.

As local music veterans and fronted by Booker T. Gillespie - arguably one of Tulsa's most popular, respected, and talented vocalists - the band has collectively; logged countless hours of touring; performed with some of the country's biggest acts; and maintained representation of Tulsa's new music scene outside state-lines for close to a decade. These credentials and the groups overall showmanship proves that M.I.C.'s line-up is pulled from some of today’s most recognized, relevant, and successful Tulsa bands.

Vocalist - Booker T. Gillespie, (Jet Set Kings)
Saxophonist/Vocalist - Myron Oliver, (Fuzed/IDK)
Bassist - Todd Shaver, (Congress Of A Crow/Eric Himan)
Drummer - Ely Gattenby, (Congress Of A Crow/Wreckless Process)
Guitarist - James Hunt, (RadioRadio/The Commission)

Utilizing their experience and application of artistic license, the band approaches a cover-songs with the same mindset as they would when writing an “original” arrangement. “It’s a fine line to walk...” Saxophonist Myron Oliver states bluntly “ have to maintain the principle of the song; landmarks people recognize so they are still familiar with the hook but can appreciate your style showing through.”

This musical high-wire act is one that M.I.C seems to have mastered by majority consensus. The bands selection of new, unexpected tunes, and unique styling of dance-floor “standards” have been steadily raising the level of expectation of what makes a "good" cover-band from venue owners and patrons alike.

After organizing their collective businesses into a legitimate entity and solidifying the artistic branches of the groups new multimedia empire; M.I.C. signed with Box Talent, Inc., and quickly set out to build a name for themselves as the premier act on the cover-band circuit.

M.I.C.’s unique, hard-hitting arrangements of neo-soul/hip-hop/R&B and nightclub standards were developed out of the band’s desire to maintain the group’s creative and artistic integrity while appealing to a broad demographic. Stylizing their set list selections while choosing to perform all instrumentation and vocals without the aid of backing tracks not only sets M.I.C. apart from most of their competition but, allows the band to tailor each show to the moment.

The band’s rapidly growing fan base and reputation as one of the hottest dance/cover-bands on the market today is a sentiment that M.I.C. quickly reinforces to anyone who attends one of their performances.

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