We knew about the existence of Baguio, it’s fabrics and characteristically woven garments. Some Filipino friends of ours who also design clothes got us stoked about it, so early last year we went on a trip to discover what the fuss was all about.

Baguio is a city located in the mountains north of Manila. For hundreds of years it has been famous for it’s patchwork and patterns. Even today the tailors of Baguio only work with traditional machinery. Our summer 13 collection brings a bit of that Baguio vibe down from the mountains with a balanced variety of colors and patterns blended into our designs. From long sleeve bottom downs to pants and even a tie, we have integrated the deep-lying traditions of Baguio’s tailoring into a modern day clothing collection.

Photo credits: Thorbjørn Gudnanson - thorbjoerngudnason.com
Music credits: Simon Erdmann

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