Householder Sonata
This film was made in 72 Hours. We were handed the script on Thursday night and had to shoot and edit all within the timeframe. In the middle of hour shoot they emailed us saying that we had to have a line the said "Rome wasn't built in a day" or have the words clearly visible somewhere in our film. The adaptations to the script I made are all the flashbacks.
We made a shot list and rehearsed on Friday.
Shot the entire film on Saturday.
Edited the film and submitted it on Sunday.
We were handed a 70$ Target gift card, 25$ Dominos Pizza gift card, and a Canon 7D to shoot this film.

Directed by D. Ursus Magana
Produced by D. Ursus Magana and Echo Eberle
Script by Rachelle McCaulley
Modified by D. Ursus Magana
Starring Antoinette Palazzola, Omar Rehman, and Andrew Magana
Directors of Photography Albert Alvarado and D. Ursus Magana
Camera Operators Albert Alvarado and D. Ursus Magana
Gaffer Albert Alvarado
Grips Albert Alvarado, Jeser Suarez, and Christian Paredes
Assistant Director Echo Eberle
Production Design Echo Eberle
Edited by D. Ursus Magana
Sound by Jeser Suarez

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