What is Suitcase?

BBC Suitcase is an innovative, user-centred platform that allows you to customise your own unique experience of the BBC.

Think of the Suitcase as a vessel for all the sites’ content, your own personal case in which you can pack all your favourite programmes and categories. The Suitcase also automatically updates its contents so you can use it to follow stories and articles as they develop.
All of your friends also have their own suitcases, meaning you can share and experience the BBC with them too. Meanwhile, the BBC provides various ‘themed’ Suitcases of dates, events, stories, categories, tags and even archived content to encourage users to explore the amazing service the BBC has to offer.

Whether the content is new or old, with Suitcase you can engage with the BBC in a style that feels alive and relevant to you.

Joshua Ogden
Callum Best
Luke Patton
Malin Hassel
James Smith

Jim Guthrie - Proof of Something

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