Ash and Amy are one of the most friendly and down to earth couple we've ever met. Throughout the wedding day they have really treated us as a friend rather than a vendor.. and that really made a difference with how easy the day became for us.

We love how Amy stick with her Malaysian culture as much as she could throughout the wedding theme. Although it wasn't shown in the film.. they served satay sticks, sangria, and one of the best malaysian beef rendang I've ever tasted. They also brought in a malaysian hand drummer for the reception and entertained us with a really cool dance by the bride and groom themselves.

But what most heartfelt on the day is the love that was shared with their family and friends. It was a very heartwarming celebration, full of laughter and joy.

And what a smile Ashley had throughout the day. He is so lucky to have met such a beautiful woman as Amy. We hope this piece brings justice to their love, and hope it will always remind them of the love that was shared on that day.

Congratulations again, Ashley and Amy!

With love,



Cinematography by: Johannes & Hendrik
Photography by: Ze Photography
Song 'Always Been You (cinematic version)' by Maria Hines licensed via

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