Hey Everypony!

You're probably thinking "Wow, that was quick!", after all the auditions were only posted EXACTLY a week ago. We've got a really awesome cast, and very committed too! The Colt version of Episode 1 is almost complete, just waiting on a couple of people to send lines. The Mare version is going pretty well too, but I need lines from several people.

Cast in this preview:

Narrator/Prince Solaris: NDLMongoose

Dusk Shine: Joshua Upshaw VA (DracoMaverick)

Also a big special thanks to randomasswir for making the instrumental!

You might notice there's an echo/reverb on Solaris' voice... I added that to make it more dramatic.

Why the blue border? All Colt Version videos will have this, and all Mare Version videos will have a pink one, just so people don't get confused.

Note: Because MLP episodes are (apparently) blocked on YouTube in the US, which is where the majority of the cast is from, episodes will be uploaded HERE.

MLP (C) Hasbro

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