From April 18 2012 to April 18 2013, I filmed 2 seconds of my day. They range from important moments to banal parts of daily life.

I started this project on a whim. As the year passed however, this video gained a lot more significance for me.
It can be seen as a visual diary. Yet it also made me realize that we do so much in a day and that 2 seconds doesn't come close to summarizing it. The idea of narrowing down a year with 525949 minutes to 12.42 minutes ludicrous perhaps.

It has also made me realize certain aspects of memory. This video plays a very interesting part in my recollection of this past year: it both overrides my immediate recollection of the days, and at the same time allows me to piece the year apart. I can remember exactly what I did on every day of that video and what my mood was.
How can something be such a wonderful index of your memories and also such a simplistic categorization of time?

I filmed it all with my iPhone 4. Even when I was livin in the woods. (sorry for the bad quality, but I had to because of the file size)
For some reference, in the video I finish the school year, fly home to Paris, fly to California where I work at a summer camp, fly home to Paris, visit a friend in Amsterdam, fly back to school for the fall semester, fly home for Christmas, fly to Japan for a course with my school, fly home,
Travel has always been a central part of my life since I grew up abroad. Never quite realized how many planes I take until I watched this.

On a final note, I would like to dedicate this video to my pet ferret, Jester who passed away just a few weeks before the end of the video.

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