Kyle Hall's Limited edition record store day 5 inch poly disc.
Kyle Hall: Digits/Response 5" (Wild Oats x Detund Record store day Collaboration)

Digits & Response is a little project we did for record store day. We decided it would be dope to cut these tracks to 5 inch clear/black poly disc records. Which turned really cool! Cutting was done by our friends Kero & Annie Hall from RVSD record cutting in Windsor

You can check the records out here on our website…-collaboration
RVSD site:

These tracks were made using MPC 1000 to trigger and control Moog's Animoog ipad app via midi wifi then recorded and cut to 5inch poly disc records.

All sounds were generated through presets created and designed by Kyle Hall for Animoogs Moog Detroit Movement festival pack. These Presets are available for download via Moog Music's Site and check out the cool video too on there site.

Hope you enjoy the music and there will be more of these type of hand made projects to come! So keep a look out! Availability will be limited as this is our attempt to breath some analogue life into this super fast digital world we live in today!

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