Sensational weekend, for those who do not know this is the biggest event in the U.S. Downhill and Dual Slalom. I was really surprised and a great pleasure for my first time participating.
In Dual Slalom felt quite comfortable and I could ride very well in practice, we are talking about a very technical track and definitely to get the best time no error could occurred.
Only one day of training, classification and end to this race made the day really be very long and that required a lot of physical preparation. I was very happy with my first heat..My flow was much on track and I qualified for semi-final, played with Rachel Atherton and ended up making a few mistakes and I could not qualify for the "big end" still disputed the "small final" Anneke Berteen and I finished in fourth place.
On the Downhill the track was very fun lots of jumps, I felt very well, but the track was not very hard and made some girls choose to do with a smaller bike, having quite the pedal that helped a lot for those who opted for it. I had little time to train but got the track down, on the technical side got an error in the middle had a bit of difficulty at the start and I left a little before the right time and ended up losing 5 seconds of my time
Obvious that I was sad and very thoughtful with my mistakes, but this wasn't the time to happen.I have to be patience and now keep looking forward and prepare for the next goal.
We lost and we won, but always served as motivation to seek more progress, performance and concentration to make the most of the next chance.
Thank you Vee Rubber Blk Market Kore and the support and great fun at this event.

I really want to thank my sponsors that provide the chance and motivate me to continue and go in search of victory.
I really feel happy to wear the shirt.

TNT Energy Drink
Eppo Itu
Vee Rubber
Bike Tech Jardins
Blk Market

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