Hello Friends and Family! We are thrilled to have you with us today. Each week during our prayer time we ask God to speak right to the heart of the needs of every person here. God is personal, and He cares. Will you open your mind today and receive from Him exactly what He knows you need?

We are in a series of messages designed to help us get Unstuck from places where some of us feel really stuck in our lives. It can be so disheartening to feel like you just can’t get traction to change the beliefs and behaviors that have you feeling like you can’t change. This series is designed to help us change the way we think about our circumstances as we learn to tap into God’s supernatural grace and power.

Today we will focus on changing the distorted thinking that keeps us stuck. I am so surprised how my thoughts impact my feelings which impact my actions and peace. We’ll see today that God’s word has a lot to say about monitoring our thoughts.

While you’re here today, I invite you to stop by our Next Step Bookstore to look at the books I picked to help us learn more about how you can get Unstuck. You can also pick up some Lanna Coffee. The proceeds of each purchase go to help the Northern Hill Tribes of Thailand who grow the coffee for their livelihood.

Getting Unstuck with you,

Pastor Ron

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