for the closing weekend Estonia's only snowboard resort built the biggest kicker they could - the final boss. it seemed like throwing doublecorcks was finally made possible on Estonian grounds. a lot of young gunners from Estonia and Latvia attacked the boss fiercely, but unfortunately the weather was against us and everyone had trouble getting enough speed. most of the troops walked away from the fight with minor wounds, some got concussion and Vilumaa busted his knee. get well soon, brothers! nevertheless, Sulev "sull" Paalo was able to defend our honor by stomping a backside dub 1080, proving that the kicker session wasn't totally pointless after all. in addition, the video includes some fooling around at Hindrek's backyard.

riders: Kristjan Juur, Hindrek Väravas, Siim Aunison, Marko Vilumaa, Kaur Joost, Mario Visnap, Toms Petrusevičs, Keijo Ruuven, Madis Bachmann, Suvel Paalo
filming and editing: Priit Palumaa
music: Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart

instagram: piupaucrew, 6unaendel


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