Director: Timo Koivisto
Cinematography: Terhi-Anneli Koivisto
Editing: Terhi-Anneli Koivisto
Script: Timo Koivisto & Terhi-Anneli Koivisto
Camera: Panasonic HD P2 and GH2.

"Buried Alive" is a drama sci-fi. It is a semi-professional production, based on a true story during the world war II in Finland.The story is based on the legend called : "Miljoonabunkkeri". According to the legend, russians bombarded finnish soldiers inside of a bunker, and let them stay alive, to die slowly.

Some filming has been done during the years 2011-2013, the final shootings will take place in Finland during the summer 2013. Film will be released 2014.

This film is a low budjet movie. No fundation reached.

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