Director: Shaun Clark

Company: Mew Lab

Duration: 00:04:04

Synopsis: What is a home?......Are we ever at home? The film explores the feelings and thoughts of the relationship between a person and his home.

Winner Audience Award London International Animation Festival

Filmmakers Notes:
The film was made through a very organic process of drawing lines straight into the computer. At first the film was three minutes long and contained a single line which was drawn without thought, instinctively. During the process of animating the line I was interrupted many times from outside sources beyond my control. When I watched it I realized the movements of the line had an unsettled feeling which was caused by the reoccurring distractions. The line still appears throughout the film offering the raw idea which I developed.I then began to photograph objects and textures surrounding me and to animate shots which were placed on a timeline to develop the themes of the film.

The general theme at the start of the film is the calmness of the mothers womb (the first home). The character then leaves home at a later age and comes across dark imposing buildings which are shifting and moving. He finds a house and calmness only for it to be disrupted by a series of happenings. He then contemplates the coffin as his house and if he will be at ease there.

Festival Awards And Screenings:
***WINNER*** of the Audience Award of Best Abstract Film London Animation Festival
Bristol Encounters festival
Melbourne International Animation Festival
Narkolepsy Festival Grenoble

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