34. The number of children every single hour in the U.S. that are forced into prostitution right here on our own domestic soil. Every child deserves freedom, help us spread awareness for America's Forsaken Generation this upcoming Summer/Fall in your own neighborhood and community. Walk for 34 minutes to celebrate Freedom for All.

For more info visit forsakengeneration.com

We are asking you to spend 34 minutes of your time doing something you likely do every single day....walking. You can walk anytime you want, we recommend forming a group of walkers, and walking 1 hour prior to your cities largest Fireworks display (often these events are held on a day other than the 4th which is fine).

UNICEF mentions Freedom Walk as a top way of getting involved here: unicefusa.org/assets/pdf/Toolkit_End-Trafficking_Oct_2012.pdf

Don't want to walk, but still want to be involved?
No problem! You can participate in the 'virtual' walk here on Facebook by simply posting a picture or video on your page and ours !

How? You won't believe how easy this is!

1. Download the Freedom Walk toolkit!! We are also creating an image that can be copied and printed onto shirts, downloadable flyers, and other planning tools you can use to plan your walk!
2. Use our toolkit to make a sign that says "Every hour 34 children in the U.S. are forced into prostitution, visit forsakengeneration.com to help" or "Slavery Still Exists! #forsakengeneration"
3. Then go walk! walk by yourself, walk with friends, walk with whoever you like, just simply go and walk for 34 minutes. Contact us if you would like help from our staff to organize a rally march!
4. Don't want to actually walk? That's ok! Wear the shirt, make the sign and you can walk 'virtually' by taking a pic and uploading to your Facebook page as well as posting here on our event page, and to our Fan page:facebook.com/forsakengeneration
Can't walk in this one? No problem! We have another Freedom Walk coming in the Fall you can be a part of!

If you use Twitter or Instagram, the hashtag for the day of the event is #freedomwalk. Tweet or send us your pictures and we will put them up on our website and Facebook page!

This isn't just a walk, it' a movement, so we want to share it with the whole world to show how many people care about this. So after you get done walking we need you to just do us one more favor, we'll give you a few options, you only have to pick one!

1. Upload a picture
2. Take a video
3. Tell us a story, why are you walking?

Whichever one you choose, simply post it here on the Facebook event page and our fan page. And then watch as the pictures, videos and stories start pouring in throughout the day. Whatever you post, make sure you tell us where you are from! At the end we'll make a list of every city that participated !!

As a nation we will stand together with one voice for these children who have no voice.

Contact: kristen@forsakengeneration.com for more information

**The music in this video was purchased from iTunes, "Preparing the Chariots" for the Hunger Games Movie. We do not own the rights to this song, nor do we plan to use it inappropriately.**

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