"How can an app allow the social media user to curate and organize their mobile experience through an intelligent algorithm paired with highly customizable user controls in which the user views only the content that matters most to them from people they care the most about?"


There are so many social networks and supporting apps to keep track of these days it becomes difficult for people to keep tabs on the content and people they care the most about.


I created this project because of my strong intrest in User Experience, UI, and Visual Design for mobile and website based platforms. I wanted a chance to create a better user experience for something we all interact with on a daily basis such as social media. The amount of online content created by we as individuals and those we interact with is expanding exponentially. It is becoming more difficult to navigate and curate that content. This theoretical app project will allow me to explore the possibilities that could help better tailor that content to the user some day, and also help me better educate myself in two fields I am very passionate about: People and Technology.

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