"Live2Run, Run2Live" (Spring 2013)

TRT: 9:50

"Live2Run, Run2Live" (working title) examines the quality of life for aging runners, fifty years and older, who use running for both recreational and rejuvenating purposes, while also paying attention to the risks and challenges of injury on mature bodies.

My mother has made running a constant element in her life. Almost fifteen years now she has been competing in 5K races hosted by the local naval base. She has won over a hundred sixty (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) trophies competing in her age group. And she’s now 60 years old. In those years, she has suffered a torn meniscus and broken elbows, been tripped by macho marines running past her, and endured the pain of herniated discs, but she can still run an 8 minute mile. This film delves into the significance of running for older female runners like my mother who have not always been pictured as the pinnacle of fitness and health by society. This film attempts to convey the strength and courage of older runners like my mother who push for physical and mental transcendence through running even in the face of a few hurdles.

1920x1080; 29.97fps; HD; AAC audio

Filmed and Directed by Rhianna Shaheen
Edited by Rhianna Shaheen and Janela Harris.

This is a rough cut.

Final Cut Pro 7

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