Short documentary on production stage.
This is the one 1 novel of SEATOMORROW full length documentary movie on production stage:

Pirates in the sands is about a crew of workers who dismantle old rusty vessels on the dried bottom of the Aral Sea, which is almost extinct. They then sell the metal scrap to China. The workers have been living for months on one of the ships: at night they sleep on its homely settled decks, and during the day they take the ship into pieces. All these years after the collapse of the USSR, they have had to dismantle plants, industrial complexes and even missile pits in the space port. The head of the crew in the interview talks about his hopes to start raising cattle after their work is done - because he can also build up, not only destroy.
The pirate crew wipe out all signs of the past tragedy. The Earth is renovating and so are people. Most dramas in the human history cannot be reversed, and the life goes on. Now on the area, which used to be the seabed, there are camel pastures, new people come to build new houses.

Production stage:
Film is already shooted and we will start edit in the beginning of May'2013.
Director: Katerina Suvorova/Kazakhstan|Almaty
Cinematographer – Eugen Schlegel/Germany|Berlin.

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