Music: Story of you ( Album # EVO 168)

"Because of you, hundreds of students found their voice, passion, confidence and pride. By believing in us, and respecting us individuals, you inspired us to love music, learn new instruments, become leaders, music teachers, professional musicians, and in some cases, high school graduates.

Because of you, we go to travel across the nation, and in some cases the world. We experienced once in a life time moments, and became apart of something to brag about.

Even though we all had different and unique journeys, we call share something that stands out as an inspiration. YOU.

Because of you, we gained a sens of self, found confidence and pride, and we felt like we truly belonged. Your honesty helped steer us in a direction that allowed us to gain clarity, not only in musical choices, but at times, in life.

Because of you, we have learned to focus on so much more than competition. We experienced first hand how amazing it can feel to perform a show or piece of music that entertains, and leaves a lasting impression on the audience and a feeling of accomplishment within ourselves.

By showing compassion to every student, and caring about us as people and not just students, you created an environment that allowed us to express who we are through music and performance, and we all felt how we mattered individually.

Because of you, we learned how to preserver through difficulties no matter the severity. By allowing us to help you through times of trouble, you allowed us to understand what it means to be selfless while giving back to someone deserving.

You have given so much of your self, and we want you to know that it has not gone unnoticed. Instead, it has inspired us to strive to be our best and leave a positive footprint on the communities we live in.

The lessons you have taught not only made a lasting impact on your students, but also on the parents, other teachers and staff, as well as on the community. The ripple you have created through your commitment to excellence is never-ending, and we have come together to show our appreciation.

Thank you, Mr. Wagner."

Music: Story of you ( Album # EVO 168

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