Myanmar Emerges is a year-long GlobalPost investigation into challenges facing Myanmar's nascent democracy. Part One of the series, The People vs. The Power, examines the battle between villagers and a Myanmar and Chinese government-backed mining company they say is stealing their land and ruining the environment.

Resource Righteousness follows 38-year-old farmer Yee Yee Win, whose land lies at the edge of the Wanbao copper mine. After a violent crackdown on protesters last November, Yee Yee Win decided to sue Myanmar’s president, U Thein Sein. In a country with a human rights record like Myanmar, the fact that Ye Ye Win is not in jail shows progress. But she says, not nearly enough.

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Myanmar Emerges Documentary
• Promise and Peril:
• Behind the Scenes:

Myanmar Emerges — Part Three: Opium War
• Heroin State:

Myanmar Emerges — Part Two: Oppression Economics
• Breadwinners:
• Forsaken:
• Mock Stars

Myanmar Emerges — Part One: The People vs. The Power
• Poisoned Hope
• Dreams to Dust
• Resource Righteousness
• We Never Agree

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