To inspire ideas in dance- “Reactive Device=RAM"

Imagine dance as a kind of game for dancers based on “rules” that define how they take in surrounding information and react to it. A dance should vary with respect to the environment the dancers are in, the associations they make, and how they identify themselves in the space. RAM considers dancers as agents, with evolving imaginations, that seek information from their surrounding environments, rather than simply repeating movements predetermined by a choreographer. The aim of the RAM project is to provide dancers with a tool to activate their perceptions and thoughts, a reactive device. More concretely, RAM’s computer software and hardware generates inspiring virtual environments for dancers. And once they start moving in response, the software reciprocally produces a new environment. The dancers and RAM become interrelated.

In this movie, dancers create rules with the information from scene "Line" which reacts to their movements in real time, and they are inspired with pre-recorded data with scene "Hasty Chase" as well.

RAM project:

-Video:Reactor for Awareness in Motion Yoko Ando and Cyril Baldy with Scene "Line" + recorded data of Scene "Hasty Chase" Take 02
Dance: Yoko Ando(The Forsythe Company), Cyril Baldy(The Forsythe Company)
Camera and Edited by: Richi Owaki(YCAM InterLab), Atsushi Tanabe
Sound: heirakuG (Masashi Heirakuji)
Lighting: Fumie Takahara (YCAM InterLab)

-YCAM InterLab + Yoko Ando Joint Research and Development Project "Reactor for Awareness in Motion (RAM)"
Research and Development: Takayuki Ito (YCAM InterLab), Richi Owaki (YCAM InterLab),
Yoko Ando(The Forsythe Company),
Yoshito Onishi, Satoru Higa, Motoi Shimizu, Kyle McDonald,
Akiko Takeshita (YCAM), Naoko Shiomi(YCAM)

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