When my grandmother was suffering from Alzheimer's disease right after my grandfather passed away, my mother depended on alcohol. It made myself deeply lost in hopelessness like there was no point in reality for anyone including me, and I kept questioning why people who loved each other had to suffer so much. I had a hatred of myself realising something nobody needed to know about. The other day, I was run over by a car while cycling. I wasn't shocked because I'd have wanted to give up on my life, but when I heard people's voices try to wake me up, it turned out everything depends on how you see what you see.

Stylistically, I chose to make digitally in sense that digital images are now even natural and reminiscent to me. My grandmother was such a great video game player. For that reason, I was irritated by the orthodox way of thinking that computer imageries were meaningless, which was completely wrong. I attempted to execute the idea of combining two generations: losing and being lost.

Foundation Diploma: Animation / The Art University at Bournemouth 2013
Awarded the best animation prize 2013 FD

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