Ok, before you send my video into comments inferno, let me explain.

I am trying to edit my own videos and being a video journalist – or something of that sort.

I currently work in a newspaper and I think it is about time I give up my idealism and face the fact that newspaper is morphing into something else. I think a journalist will soon need to have the skills to produce AV productions to be able to adapt so what I have here is my fear.

The shaky hands are both because of lack of tripod and terror of being left behind by the shifting paradigm in news production.

Manggahan Festival 2013

The Manggahan Festival is a celebration in Guimaras that celebrates the island's most famous produce, the golden mangoes. Guimaras is just about 45 minutes from where I live and I had to cover it for the newspaper. I found some time to shoot video and here is the final product. Yay!

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