Get out the riding crop because the full moon in Scorpio will turn you into both a doll and an action figure. Mars and Venus continue their divine dance of co-creation through the Scorpio Moon and the Taurus sun. The download of last months full moon in Libra and the subsequent New moon in Aries, started the transition of the Sacred Masculine from the Aries sun to Scorpio moon and the transition of the sacred feminine from Libra Moon to Taurus sun. This full moon in the fixed modality of Scorpio, underlines our determination to hold onto all that is important while making decisions that initiate our growth towards that which we wish for in the future.

I am Scorpio!
I am the Scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix.
My sting can harm you, my heart can heal you.
My clairvoyant connections can always feel you.
I am the warrior that villains fear, the fearless hero that’s always near.
I am the rising bird of the creation flame,
I am eternal transcendence that you cannot tame.
Get lost in my gaze of untamable fire and discover just how deeply that I desire.

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