You say that we are always dying
I say that's true, but at least we're trying
You say that we can't last forever
I say, "would you meet me again in heaven?"

You have the best dark sense of humor
I could eat breakfast with you forever
You're oh so quiet and so clever
I like how your face looks in cold weather

On a stormy night along the sea
Two lonely people singing, driving
Singing yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I say "NO"
The tires screech
We break
Through the fence
To the bottom of the sea
Would you marry me?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

We live a long life short of pleasure
But we don't know what it means
You grip my hand 'cause we're in this together
Drowning out at sea
I hold my breath, but it can't last forever

Dream collapsing our lungs they fill with whether
Or not we'll meet again in heaven
If I could, I'd sneak us into heaven
We float like the angels do in heaven
Ever since then

Oh no

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