Our Fixpartner Craig Langton found feeding his sheep in a trough problematic, we designed an inexpensive trailer which deposits piles of feed for the sheep to graze on.

Craig Langton owns a sheep farm on the outskirts of Leicester, when we first met him, we found out quickly that he had lots of small problems that could be fixed.

We agreed that the problem most beneficial for us to fix, was the way in which he feeds his sheep. Before this project, Craig used regular troughs with which he encountered the following problems: the sheep severely damaged the land, around the trough, water-logging was common, which leads to the spread of disease from animal to animal. When the sheep are hungry, they become quite aggressive, this means filling up a trough requires two people and in a muddy field it is easy to fall over.

We set about thinking of ways to solve the problem whilst ensuring costs were low, and complicated mechanics were to a minimum. We each produced prototypes, the designs included slots, cranks and centrally spinning buckets, and from these, we decided to have a hopper which scooped portions of the feed into piles for the sheep to eat.

On rig day, we built a small scale test rig to prove the concept would work on a greater scale than our small rigs, it did! We then sourced materials and put together a CAD plan for the full scale rig.

After 2 days of building and a day of testing in Leicester, we are all pleased with the outcome of the feeder, which greatly speeds up Craig’s day, it maintains the conditions of the field and it feeds the sheep in a less competitive fashion, meaning each sheep eat a similar amount to each other.

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