These scammers who are registering new eBay sellers accounts nightly have the run of the place. One of our searches revealed a fraudster that had achieved a feedback score of (-2) and is still going.

I suspect these scamming eBay accounts are being set up with someones stolen identity and credit card, so far it appears that the scammers will continue scamming until eBay don’t get their fees and suspend the accounts.

If a persons identity was stolen, chances are they reported their credit card stolen. While that card was probably verified to open the sellers account. But if it’s reported stolen eBay will not get paid and eventually will turn the account over to collections. If this happens that persons credit score takes a dive, and they may have to pay eBay to get the acct removed from collections.

Guess that fraud is an accepted online business plan. It’s sad to see this happening but it’s just eBay life i guess.

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