I ran a marathon ... IT WAS GREAT ;) THANK YOU... Pobiegłem... Było wszystko! wiatr, deszcz i pod górę!
Dlatego było warto :) Pierwszy maraton w Betlejem, nic dodać nic ująć 2014? TAK ;)
Locals take top three places in the
inaugural Palestine Marathon
650 runners took to the streets of Bethlehem this morning in front of
The Church of The Nativity, where Palestinians finished strong and
women amounted to an impressive 37 percent
Early this morning, runners from 28 countries gathered around The Church of the Nativity,
which for the day was transformed into an international sports arena, to run run 5, 10, 21.1
or 42.2 kilometers in the hilly streets of Bethlehem, before returning to an uphill finish at
the starting point. Palestinians, of which many were running their first official race, made
up close to 70 percent of runners.
In the week leading up to the race, word got around that the streets would be closed down
on the course that featured refugee camps, Olive fields, the Wall and lots of local shops
and spectators, which made people gather to get a grasp of the test of human endurance
going on in their streets.
High number of female runners
The high number of female participants is a feat for the organizers, who has made great
efforts locally to get women to run. Jacky Ka, a 24 year old women and first time half
marathon-finisher, who has helped organize weekly training runs at the West Bank, says
she is proud not only of her own performance, but also of the many women: "running up
the final hill, I felt so exhausted, but also so proud and full of energy. Running is new to me
- it is new to Palestinians - but I believe we will get a lot more women next year. I can't
Danish women organizers
Signe Fischer and Lærke Hein, who got the idea to create a marathon in Palestine two
years ago, hugged with a huge sigh of relief and great pride, as the marathon was well
underway and it became clear that their efforts paid off: "we did this
to tell a different story
than the one of conflict and war, and I think I can safely say that we were successful."
Registration for next years Palestine Marathon will open shortly on

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