Watch the animation and split into pairs.
Discuss the questions below between each other.
Before writing down your final questions watch the animation 2 or 3 times and discuss throughly.
PLENARY: Finally feedback to your teacher and classmates in a group discussion.

1. What do you think of Ibrahim's message to you (Opening quote).
2. What do you think happened to the young man that he ended up with no belongings or money and without his family? (give evidence to support your answer)
3. Describe the young man's journey in your own words from what you see
4. The other man he meets on his way mentions that he is in the same situation because he is from the same 'tribe'. Why do you think this might be?
5. What is UNHCR's role in the story? Do you know what UNCHR stands for and who they are?
6. What is the DRA office?
7. How does the man's story help the new arrival?
8. How can sharing stories help others?

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