We are still in beta testing (on a daily basis) and its really awesome to see the results of the data with the live video. We've been crazy lucky and the lovely folks at the Krause Family YMCA Skatepark have opened their doors and their athletes to our testing antics. You will be seeing lots more of this park and these kids on LIT and in the future of action sports.

We can't thank the YMCA's skate coordinator Charlie Payne and all the athletes for all their time, support and feedback.

For more information on LIT, the Indie GoGo Campaign, our videos, the press we've received and lots of information.

IndieGogo: indiegogo.com/projects/lit-the-activity-tracker-for-action-sports-and-everyday-fun/x/2722279

Website: nznlabs.com/

Press: nznlabs.com/press/

Facebook: facebook.com/nznlabs

Co-Founder and Creative Agency: vapor-studio.com/

Checkout the YMCA Skatepark at:
MissionValleyYMCA - missionvalley.ymca.org
(S) facebook.com/YMCASkatepark
(S) facebook.com/MissionValleyYMCA

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