The Indian Spirit is not bound to the palm-lined beaches of Goa, though it undoubtedly originates from this place. Rather, it is a magic moment that evolves when the Trance tribe gathers, when multicoloured freaks arrive from all around the world, when they dance together, when they go out of their minds and become one. Indian Spirit festival provides an excellent setting for this experience, which again might be the reason why it became the grand finale of the famous North-East German open air season.

Indian Spirit is always good for a pleasant surprise and some next-level psychedelic entertainment. As the first Psytrance festival in Germany, it introduced Funktion One sound systems on all dance floors last year. Also a special 3D decoration concept that provides a mind-bending impression of depth. Looking at the promoters gives some illuminating insights into the innovative character of Indian Spirit: Besides original organizer DJ Syncron, there are the Symphonix brothers, formerly responsible for Tshitraka festival, and Mr. Vaishiyas of SpinTwist Records.

Seen in front of this background, it is no surprise that the music program of Indian Spirit is cutting edge just like its infrastructure. Some highlights this year: Avalon, Protonica, Tristan, Sonic Species, Ace Ventura, Fabio & Moon, Waio and Neelix. Not to forget about an extra Dark Psy floor. Free camping and drinking water, easy arrival via public transport from Berlin or Hamburg.


post production
motion graphics by:

Krischan de Beer (

music by:


Interactive Noise
Roll and Rock

NOK, Fabio & Moon

produced for:

Indian Spirit Festival 2012 (

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