I do not own the right of this film. It is my favourite short film, thats why I uploaded it.

Two & Two" short film by Babak Anwari

In a drab, anonymous grey school governed by a strict authoritarian regime, an apparently unremarkable day is turned on its head following a seemingly ridiculous announcement.

Disbelieving at first, the all male, identically uniformed pupils are informed that what they had always been taught as fact is no longer true. When the incredulous students speak out, what initially seems laughably absurd becomes desperately real as they are forced to question how far they will go to stand up for their beliefs.

Two & Two is an allegory for the absurdness of dictatorship and tyranny - and the resilience of the human spirit.

Director Babak Anvari
Producer Babak Anvari
Producer Kit Fraser
Writer Babak Anvari
Writer Gavin Cullen
Director Of Photography Kit Fraser
Production Designer Andrew Paul Littlefair
Editor Anthony Bairstow
Sound Designer Rebecca Parnell
Music The Last Post


Teacher:: Bijan Daneshmand
Student 1: Ravi Karimi
Student 2: Pouyan Lotfi

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