Welcome to Time Lapse JAPAN.
Time Lapse Japan Vol2 this time has been shot mainly from my hometown Nagano.
Japan is well known for the defined four seasons. and we've photographes in rhythm with the seasons throughout the year.
We are planning to introduce various scenes and changes in action from many places in Japan for the next work.
Hope you find new revelations of Japan with each viewing in this piece of work.
Thank you again for supporting me and engaging in this project.
So sit back, relax and ejoy the show.
by Toshiki Fukazawa(RawLight)

Directed/Photographed/Edited by : Toshiki Fukazawa(RawLight/HighLIKE)

Track ID : 「Poplar Trees」
Music produced by : Gee Daigo(Creative Director/Ringmasters LLC)
Vocals : Phil Griswold

Contributor : Knower(s)

Special Thanks go to :
Enishi / Hiroshi Tsutaki / Eshericks / Fukazawa's family
KIERRA / Matsumoto(RawLight) / Nogami(RawLight) / Nuko_D / omae03(GREen)
Kazuhiro Nobe(HighLIKE) / Kiyotaka Ise(HighLIKE) / Keiichi Nakamura(flapper3) / Kenta Yamao (HighLIKE)
Re:animation / Ringmasters LLC / rinco / Tatsuya Shimizu(Knower(s)) / Unknown / Yu Murakami(flapper3) Yuichi Handa(KoolSound) / zukaketawagase/ Thank you for watching me until the end,,,

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