Hi there,

This is a 2 x 16s test drive of the new update of emPolygonizer4. Many things have been revised and fixed in this version and this test's intention was to see if the ICE data UVs, the ICE data vertex colors and the deformation motion blur are correctly generated by emPolygonizer4 and then correctly rendered with SItoa (v.2.8.0) + Arnold as well as Mental Ray.

The meshes consist of a meshed emFlock2 simulation (see emFlock2 demo scene "Bacteria_Pseudo_Liquid").
UVWs, colors and motion vectors were created and saved with the meshes.

The entire animation was simulated, meshed and rendered on a single workstation with 1 x Intel i7 (average sim. + render time was about 3 minutes per frame).
- Softimage 2012 SAP
- emPolygonizer4 version 4.160
- emFlock2 version 2.332
- SItoA version 2.8.0 and Arnold version
- Mental Ray



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