From URB Magazine:
"KNNY FRSH of Fresh Selects collaborated with Coultrain on the piece and states, “A Gem Iza Jewel” is the first in a trio of interpretative videos from Jungle Mumbo Jumbo. For this initial installment, we focused on themes of mysticism, the enchantment of women & the illusion of ownership, through a performance piece done in just three shots using only two actors. See if you can unravel the magic….’

Magic indeed. The video is steeped in the history and texture of vintage ‘trick films’ that exist as the backbone of early film history. The video masterfully weaves an enchanting and thought provoking conversation using the historical vision of folks like Georges Méliès, the Lumière Brothers, and Harry Houdini with some of etherial air of the current soul movement. There is a strange feeling of self-discovery not only in the viewer’s interaction with the piece, but also within the performance contained within. Perfectly capturing the mood of Coultrain’s arrangements and haunting vocals, it is the perfect ‘pledge’ before he reveals the ‘turn’ in the second video of the series."

Directed by Knnth Ellbrgr for FRSH SLCTS
DP/Editor: Noah Porter
Magician's Assistant: Rosalie Lee (all in one take)
Key Grip: Travis Becker
Technical Assistant: Christine Dong
Asst. Production Coordinator: Tia Vanich
Filmed at Becker Studios - Portland, OR

Thanks to Abbey, Michel, Aleister, the pledge, the turn & the prestige.

Lyrics by Aaron M. Frison,
Music composed by Ben Lamar.

Coultrain 'Jungle Mumbo Jumbo' LP in stores now:

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