Basic Message 7
Colossians 1:15-22
The Mystery of God — Christ

God is always with us, dominating over each and every single thing within all that is in heaven and on earth. His glory and power have already been manifested in everything and at everywhere and all of them can be seen. Man, however, is bound by the forces of sin, flesh and Satan; he is not only unable to see the glorious beauty of God, but is also living in death and misery. Unless God shows Himself to man, man definitely has no way to see or converse with God on his own. Christ is the manifestation of the invisible God; only through Christ can we solve the root problem and come before God; simultaneously, only through Christ can we get to know all of God’s mysteries and enjoy His glorious beauty.

1. Man cannot see God
1) Man fell out from the word of God and the Holy Spirit and thus became flesh. We have no way to know God by flesh
2) Man is dictated by the forces of sin and has no way to come before the Holy God
3) Man is bound by the authority of Satan as his slave (belonging), so naturally, all of his thoughts, speech and deeds are in enmity with God
4) Man receives judgment and curses, falls into all kinds of illnesses and problems, and lives harassed and helpless days on earth
5) As soon as man leaves this world, he has to face the eternal judgment of hell
6) He will also leave behind to his own descendants the spiritual inheritance of all the sins he had committed and of all the curses in his life

2. All of God’s mysteries have been shown clearly to us through Christ's 7 great mysteries
1) God Himself, in the same way as us, became flesh to come into the world, was born, experienced childhood, spoke, lived, and served
2) Through many miraculous signs and wonders, God’s [power of creation] and [power of healing], which has always been with us, was manifested
3) Christ taught us the essence of the words of the Bible and the Law, all of which were fulfilled through Himself
4) He preached God’s “gospel” of righteousness and love, all of which were fulfilled on the cross
5) He revealed God’s mysteries about the [arrival of the Kingdom] and the [expansion of the Kingdom]
6) He prophesied the mystery of the [everlasting Kingdom that is to come] and how God and His people will receive glories together
7) Presently, He still reigns the heavenly throne, is with everyone who believes in Him, and He abides them to govern all and build the Kingdom

3. Christ incarnated to us good examples of life, living and serving that a “man” of God's image should have
1) He demonstrated how to live as the blessed and beloved Son
2) He showed us the perfect image of a faithful Servant; by faithfully conveying the will of the Master to Man and completely submitting to it till death
3) He embodied the image of the most loving Shepherd; He diligently herded and cared for His sheep day and night, loving them so much as to die for them
4) He took the image of the absolutely victorious King; hereby breaking all the forces of sin and darkness brought by Satan
5) He portrayed the image of a wisest Teacher (of disciples); and taught us the mysteries of evangelizing, healing people, training disciples and expanding the Kingdom by doing them Himself for the disciples to see
6) He was the image of the most godly Believer; He showed us the secret of acquiring power in daily living and serving: scheduled prayer, continuous prayer, and concentrated prayer

4. Through death and resurrection, Christ demolished the wall that stands between us and God, and thus opened up a new and living road
1) He substituted for our sins, judgments, and curses by bleeding and dying on the cross
2) He eternally and thoroughly shattered all authority of death and Satan through His resurrection
3) He brought us [God’s word] and the [Holy Spirit], so that we can be born again to be able to know God, and to be able to converse with Him
4) He solved our problems of illnesses, poverty, misery, etc. forever
5) All of our past, present and future problems were solved in Christ and turned into blessings
6) He restored God’s purpose and perfect will for us in our lives, and gave us the perfect methods of living and serving
7) He bestowed us the secret of always rejoicing, giving thanks in everything, and enjoying all of God’s abundance

5. We can enjoy all the mysteries of God through Christ
1) If we are willing to

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